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“Within my practise I embody an approach that recognises various associations to mimicry, responding to the similar communicative nature of cellular functions. Almost a direct simulation of neuronal activity, identified within the structure of the hidden world of everyday objects. I endeavour to capture these similarities through installations that focus upon the fundamental significance of Mimicry in social and environmental behaviours."


Growth Multiplication…Networks (Implied communication between parts of the network, identifying connections, capturing through marking with ink, corresponding relationships in process and pattern).

In order for networks to grow, thrive, develop, diversify, evolve, communications between parts of the network need to take place, this is true of organic as well as in organic matter. I create assemblages of organic as well as in organic materials to form and identify networks.

Chosen materials have both structural and symbolic value.  They literally support each other, entwine with each other structurally. Symbolically they aim to imply subtle suggestions towards the similitudes of natural growth.  Conveying allusions to the relationships between the man made and natural, challenging perceptual understanding of separateness.

Equally the use of electrical pylon cable symbolically alludes to the passing of energy and information within the structure of a network, visually negotiating similar corresponding formations to that of bacteria and fungi.

The form of networks I create are in part determined by the materials themselves, but are also designed to allude to larger structures such as cityscapes through mapping.  As such I am alluding to the fact that such networks exist in a range of scales bacterial/cellular. Sematic and at a geographic macro level similarities can be observed between how human intervention mirrors strategies to that of bacterial and fungi. 

These identifications have inspired and influenced my visual communications; my project has evolved through using two contrasting materials.  By entwining inorganic and organic materials I intend to create visual references to natural intention of creation and created by observing multiplication through growth patterns in mildew formed on a canvas that has been hanging in the garden for a year.  Polarising the organic I have been manipulating pylon cable gathered from the same environment as the hanging canvas, to form a floor installation that consists of multiple pieces of cable.  Processing this material into multiple cellular forms I feel captures this corresponding relationship on a macro and micro spectrum.

In order to translate the work effectively I believe that positioning the canvas above the pylon cable on the floor creates engagement between the relationships of two opposing materials. Initiated by neuronal networks identified by deconstructing and reconstructing wire


My work focuses upon the nature of man made materials...observing micro and macro organisations of networking and communication.


I work with multiple mediums including animation, sculpture, photography, painting drawing and creative writing.

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